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    LE    HURLEY

Book and Lyrics: Charles Osborne

Music: Leo Hurley

WE ARE MYTH is a modern retelling of ancient Greek myths as applied to the issues facing a group of teens on one last camping trip the night before graduation. With more than 30 myths woven into the lives of 6 characters, this musical addresses contemporary problems such as single-parent households, LGBT closeting, body image, slut-shaming, online dating, absent fathers, corporate materialism, and more, using timeless lessons found in ancient stories. For more information please visit Hurley and Osborne's joint website:

Book and Lyrics: Charles Osborne
Music: Leo Hurley

Paris Through the Window is about the City of Light in her darkest hour, and the men and women who took extraordinary measures, through pen or sword, to preserve the world they loved.

When WWI is declared in 1914, expatriate American poet Alan Seeger and his contemporaries--- Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, children's author Marielle Mansart-- are faced with a decision: to stay and fight for their beloved Paris, or to seek safety abroad, in a sweeping story that reimagines the role of the artist as citizen, and redefines what it means to be home. 
For more information please visit Hurley and Osborne's joint website:

Book: Johnny Blaze Levitt

Lyrics: Charles Osborne

Music: Leo Hurley
Based on an original story by Julie Saltman

​An anti-bullying fantasy musical for all ages, Taking Wing is the story of a little caterpillar who dreams of becoming a butterfly fairy, to overcome the bullying of her peers. In a journey that takes her from the King of the Griffins to an invading army of Goblins, Nya learns to not be selfish and proves to everyone that "it doesn't take goods to do good." Please like our Facebook page, and for
 more information please visit Hurley and Osborne's joint website:

Music by Leo Hurley, Libretto by Charles Osborne

The Body Politic is a contemporary opera that follows Iphis, a transgender man from Afghanistan, who emigrates to North Carolina at the height of the Afghan War. As his LBGT social circle collides with the traditional American Family, this explosive new musical exposes the daily bigotry facing the trans community, and the divisive prejudices of the post-9/11 world. 

The Body Politic made worldwide headlines last year when it was presented at the North Carolina General Assembly in response to the state’s discriminatory “bathroom bill”. For 
more information please visit Hurley and Osborne's joint website:

Instrumental Music

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